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Who is Alberto

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Reviewed by Bruce Prior, N7RR

ARRL Technical Advisor
Extracted from March 2009 QST © ARRL

Alberto Frattini, I1QOD, is a retired aircraft factory manager as well as a champion high-speed CW master and DXer. His machine shop is in a small town by the Ligurian Sea near the Italian Maritime Alps.
The Frattini line includes five dual-lever paddles, five straight keys and three semiautomatic bugs. His dual-lever
paddles use Sterling silver contacts, OT 58 UNI 5705-65 brass for the base (coated to resist corrosion) and levers, and neodymium (Nd2Fe14B) repelling magnets for return tension.
A characteristic of repelling magnetic paddles is that the magnetic force increases as the stroke progresses, producing a snappy action. Instead of race bearings, Frattini uses a tiny steel sphere above and below each pivoting lever in his paddles. The wide-bodied design is a gleaming beauty.


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